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Addiction Release Date

It all begins with an idea.

Song Release Date:

Oct. 4th @ 1p.m.

New music video coming soon.🙏🏿

This song is about Drug and Alcohol Addiction, I have lost many friends to these substances.

I thank so many people for being apart of this music video, it was a hard one to make emotionally. I poured my heart out in this one!

This song also features a very well known artist who has an absolutely heavenly voice. Hearing her voice on my track was surreal; she did it beyond justice!

I am ready to drop this!
The World Premiere of "Addiction."

It will be available on
Apple music, Spotify, YouTube & Facebook!

Thank you to all apart of the cast and crew

John Stuart - drug addict

Tiffani Wilcox - alcoholic 

Keith Brake - The father (the dictator)

Di Higgins - The mother (the enabler)

Tori Clark - Angel of Death (The Addiction)

David Bowers - Pallbearer

Cody Henard - Pallbearer/ motorcyclist 

Johnny James - Pallbearer

Nikki Finlay - partygoer

Daniel - Chase Pruitt  - partygoer 2

Traci Allen - Funeral scene 

Sandy Edson Bowers - Funeral scene

Locations / Community Support:

Wolfsburger Funeral Home

Skyline Church 

Make up / Set Designer 

Sarah Upchurch 






Main DP - Nicholas Alsup 

2nd Cam OP - (intro scene / train scene)

Courtnie Johnson - @Courtniejphotograpghy

Mixed & Mastered by @ Sybil Smith

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